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July 5th - Luke Iseman

Luke is the Director of Hardware at Y Combinator.
Prior to this, Luke invented a smart gardening probe distributed by The Home Depot (Edyn), built and managed a fleet of 25 pedicabs, and wrote a book about traveling around the world. Luke resides in West Oakland, inside an off-grid shipping container home of his own design (Boxouse). He will answer questions on why early-stage hardware startups shouldn't worry about manufacturing, how to avoid wasting time on patents and other distractions, and what YC looks for in a hardware startup. And anything else you want to know.

June 13th - Priya Kuber

Priya founded Metrices.

On top of her awesome story - moving from India one year ago and setting up a startup in the Valley - Priya answered questions about outsourcing hardware design work to India (process, precautions and advantages) and advantages of getting hardware manufactured in India over China. She also shared her thoughts on the future of wearable technology.

May 16th - Brady Forrest

Brady runs Highway1, PCH’s Hardware Accelerator.
He is always on the lookout for the next hardware startup. He co-founded Ignite Talks. He is also an advisor at 500 Startups, and previously worked at Khosla Ventures and Microsoft. In the last SupplyFX AMA session, he answered questions about: hardware startups, fundraising, accelerators and manufacturing.

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