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AuSIM, Inc.

AuSIM provides audio simulation solutions that restore the realism of reproduced sounds for enhanced perception.

1220 Pear Avenue, Suite D, Mountain View, CA 94043-1447, United States

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AuSIM's technology simulates the propagation of sounds through an environment, so the resulting audio sounds like it actually traveled through and interacted with a designed environment.
Human Auditory Perception
The under-utilized human auditory system is more capable than most people recognize. Sound propagating through the physical world to a listener's ears adopts an aural signature. Humans perceive these signatures and create a mental image of the environment that allows them to discriminate independently originating sounds. Humans do this effectively in noisy restaurants and lobbies, tuning into desired sound and tuning out noise, a perceptual phenomenon called the "cocktail-party effect".

The Problem
Conventional electronic recording, transmission, and reproduction of sound strips it of all coloration that it would have picked up traversing an environment. Such coloration includes valuable cues to direction of origin, primary propagation direction, proximity, velocity, and others. AuSIM3D® simulation technology synthesizes and preserves these perceptual cues.


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