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Destiny Tools

In today's manufacturing world it's all about who can produce to most number of quality parts, in spec and in tolerance at the end of the work day. If you do that, you and your company make money and beat the competition.

3232 De La Cruz Blvd., Suite C, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States

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At Destiny Tool we believe that in order to be a top performer you have to pick out your niche and then constantly improve upon it.

Diamondback Rougher - We began development of our unique aluminum and other non-ferrous roughing tools in the early 1990's. While most cutting tool manufacturer's design tools to be used at 1 diameter depth of cut, ours tool design is based upon a 2 diameter depth of cut. That translates into a 3 flute, 3/4 diameter end mill that can cut a slot 1.5"​ deep at at 14,000 RPM and up to a .040"​ chip load per tooth.

Viper DVH - Since not every company has the RPM or need for high Metal Removal Rates (MRR) the Viper is the first tool of choice for aluminum and non-ferrous materials. It can both rough and finish and provides a unique method of chip evacuation due to it's PATENTED double variable helix design. Unlike many companies, we don't just offer a stub, standard and long length: Our selection is much deeper and more unique: As an example we have a 1/2"​ diameter tool with an 6"​ overall length (OAL) in full fluted and neck relieved versions called our LBS or "length below shank"​ design.

Raptor - This group of tools evolved from our Cobra and Python end mills designed for high temperature alloy machining in materials such as Stainless Steel & Titanium. As you know, these softer gummy materials are often considered "difficult to machine"​ because of material buildup and and thermal expansion rates. Our unique designs in both our Raptor DVH and our Raptor DVH 3/6 not only provide exceptional material removal rates & chip evacuation but most of the heat is removed with the chip: We induce less heat in the base material which translates into better finish, faster part production AND longer tool life "​in-the-cut"​.


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