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Solar Electronics Co.

If you are as "ancient" as I am, you will remember when the only two-way communication was by land-line telephone or telegraph, radio telegraph between ships, and a few specialized contacts between people.

10866 Chandler Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601, United States

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Two-way voice communication began between "hams" and between commercial offices.

In the early 1920's radio broadcast stations began to operate. People (like me) built crystal radio receivers using coils wound on oatmeal boxes and using "cat's whisker" galena detectors driving high impedance headphones. I remember connecting three or four headphones in series on one crystal set so that several people could listen at the same time.

But nothing is static. All things change. Higher and higher frequencies were used when vacuum tubes replaced the galena detectors and amplifiers were added to drive cumbersome loudspeakers. In time, television was developed from a spinning disk into a system using a cathode ray tube to display the images. FM broadcast stations began, touted as noise-free music stations.


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