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Diversified Engineering

Diversified Optronix currently has three product lines -
all optically based, non-contact, measurement and analysis systems:

116 Quirk Road, Milford, CT 06460, United States

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LineScan System - Cost effective inspection, measurement, and flaw detection of web-based, extrusion, and other continuous product streams. System outputs include local digital displays, serial data outputs, analog outputs, and limit-alarm relay outputs.
Opti View - Viewing, analyzing, and measuring periodic, repetitive motion (e.g. reciprocating, vibrating, or rotating machinery). System output is NTSC video to a monitor or recorder.
Displacement Follower - Viewing, analyzing, and measuring any type of motion, with a 10KHz bandwidth. System outputs are analog voltages.

LineScan System
Custom optics allow monitoring of products of almost any size with 5000-pixel resolution. Used for flaw detection and/or to measure dimension and position of material in continuous production streams. System includes camera and field-configurable controller. The controller supports multiple measurements and output formats, and may be used for closed-loop proportional position control. Each controller supports an optional second camera for applications requiring accurate edge-to-edge measurement of large objects.

Opti View System
Allows continuous viewing of objects in periodic motion, such as rotating or vibrating machinery, in apparent stop-motion or slow-motion modes without strobe lights. Optical-electronic sampling occurs at frequencies to 1,000Hz. Standard NTSC-Video output can be sent directly to a monitor or VCR.

An optional Fiberscope allows viewing in hidden or inaccessible spaces. A bendable cable with dual fiber bundles directs light to the target and carries the image back to the camera.

Displacement Follower
A non-contact "real-time" motion measurement instrument that solves measurement problems where other instruments fail. It can measure periodic or transient displacement of remote or inaccessible objects, either single axis, dual X-Y axes or differentially along one axis. The camera tracks the motion of the target and provides an analog output proportional to displacement. The differential system can isolate the relative motion of one element of a machine while rejecting the overall motion of a machine. Custom optics support a field-of-view ranging from 1mm to 1meter. Motion-tracking bandwidth to 10KHz.


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