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Matt Berggren

Director of Product at Supplyframe

San Francisco, CA 94107, United States

Employee: Supplyframe , Mesheven Technology Ltd , Altium

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About Me

I'm an engineer and all-round builder of "stuff". I have experience in wireless, advanced digital sys, sensors, power, control systems, motors / servos, precision measurement and much much more. I have a long history in EDA at Altium and I'm constantly looking for ways to leverage that in new environments and on new platforms.


areas of proficiency

  • Current

    Senior Director of Product


    January 2013 - present

    Supplyframe's electronics marketing channel consists of over 60 web properties targeting engineers or anyone else developing electronics hardware or software, as well as purchasers involved in the development of electronics. The Supplyframe / EEFocus / Hackaday sites are a powerful mix of both content and utility that attract well-over 5 million unique visitors / month, delivering over 42,800,000 page views.

    As Director of Product my responsibilities are to drive the development of the technology and content engineers, makers, hackers, students, and others require to develop electronics. My role is to build value for the end-user or consumers of that content, leveraging my unique experience both in building design tools and building real HW & SW systems.

  • Previous

    VP Engineering / Cofounder

    Mesheven Technology Ltd

    October 2012 - October 2015

    Mesheven Technologies (Shanghai) is an early stage startup ($6M) founded by myself & the founder / former CEO of Altium focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the full range of related technologies. Mesheven’s hardware / software / cloud computing platforms serve as the foundation for the creation of powerful device ecosystems that connect devices to the internet & make their data available for the organization of large-scale device “meshes”. This wealth of data will enables the creation of a powerful new generation of more intelligent systems that leverage the collection of data from multiple sources to make more intelligent ‘decisions’ about the world in which these devices operate. Mesheven’s solutions span the complete range of these technologies and provide the foundations on which other organizations can build their next generation of electronics products for this new world.

    As one of the founding members my responsibilities span all areas of the organization with particular focus on products, product teams, product development, and the range of activities required to organize and prioritize ideas into something we're confident will deliver real value to our customers. This includes the formation and overall management of a startup team comprised of engineers, creatives, and operations staff, based in Shanghai and leveraging talent sourced from around the globe.

    I am similarly responsible for market strategy; establishing and executing the development roadmap agreed upon and laid out by the founding team and our investors; establishing strategic partnerships at all levels including manufacturing, supply chain, technology partnerships, and developing interest & investment.

  • Previous

    Director, Product Management - Design IP and Services


    October 2011 - January 2013

    Following my success in developing Hardware, Software, and FPGA resources for the Hardware Products group, I was asked to take over all design IP, support and services activities relating to content, deployment, integration, and our modular-design methodology.

    Working closely with the Chief Sales Officer, field sales & support teams, our customers, development groups and partners, as well as the community, I'd developed a broader strategy for changing the design paradigm through abstraction.

    I had developed and executed a business plan that put into motion a strategy to take the company beyond a ‘replacement market’ and into the much wider maker / hacker market, startup community, and enable SW developers looking to reach out and touch the real world (which is both a HW problem and ultimately analog) to achieve their aims with limited knowledge of the electronics domain.

    This strategy was in part responsible for Altium’s decision (announced at Makerfaire NYC 2014) to release a free version of the Altium Designer software (Circuitmaker) and to engage the pool of more than 20 million potential users they had never engaged in the past.

  • Previous

    Global Manager - Electronics Design


    February 2010 - October 2011

    Relocated to Shanghai and took over all aspects of Hardware and Embedded Software development for Altium’s hardware products, embedded software IP and FPGA IP; also the management of our skunkworks IoT strategy.

    During this time I'd built and managed directly a new team of ~30 engineers including Hardware Developers, Software Engineers, FPGA Developers, and Hardware Technicians to develop a range of Hardware, Software, & IP Resources for Altium’s global customer base and used by Altium’s customers in building systems more efficiently.

    Throughout this time team, increased engineering throughput by > 10x thru the adoption of a modular design methodology that later became the template for capabilities added to the Altium Designer software.

    I'd also developed & executed a “continuous growth” model for employees with the addition of regular engineering and technical training classes, workshops, field trips, etc. that became a highlight of the employee experience.

  • Previous

    Manager - Applied Technologies


    January 2009 - February 2010

    In my role as Manager of Applied Technologies I worked as a manager / advisor to the major accounts teams in the Americas and worldwide, and special advisor / advocate to customers seeking a deeper relationship with Altium that spanned R&D, Marketing, Partnerships.

    My responsibilities were to ensure customer retention thru customer success including the development of custom resources, integration services, direct engineering support, customer education and training, and product support.

    I was also responsible for the technical aspects of all major account activity across the Unites States (East and West) and ensuring the success of Altium’s key customers in the Americas (Microsoft, National Semiconductor, Microchip, Cypress Semiconductor, Mattel / Fisher-Price, NASA (JPL, JSC, KSC) and many more).

  • Previous

    Field Applications Engineer - Major Accounts


    September 2001 - December 2007

    Technical lead on the top performing global sales team responsible for corporate accounts such as Microsoft, Cisco, NASA, Thales, Mattel, Boeing, National Semiconductor, Microchip, Cypress, and many, many more.

    Responsible for adoption, integration, and roll-out of engineering and electronic product development tools, as well as data management and supply chain tools that affected the whole of these organizations.

    Deep technical understanding and deep familiarity with engineering, design, & R&D processes; also manufacturing, supplychain, logistics, operations, etc. as they relate to getting complex electronic products to market across a huge range of verticals.

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    Other: San Francisco, CA 94107, United States