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Kapil Khangaonkar

CEO at Clodura

Mountain View, California 94040, United States

Employee: Clodura.AI

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About Me

Clodura is Your Intelligent Personal Assistant for Sales.

Clodura is an Automated LeadGen platform that uses machine learning to find high-value prospects that are more likely to close. Clodura collects data from over 80 paid and unpaid sources and analyzes them to understand the strategic direction taken by each company. Its core machine learning algorithm can then predict, which company is going to need which services and at what stage and then this information is passed on to our customers as a lead.

Potentially, we help sales managers in finding low hanging fruits that can be closed quickly and create a healthy sales pipeline. We not only identify a problem but also find the decision-maker and find his contact details, essentially doing all the hard work for sales teams, so that they can just focus on closing more deals.

It is only every sales person's dream to have an assistant who can study in amazing depth and with lightning speed, All the companies he wants to target along with people on a daily basis. Analyze all the information and tell him exactly which companies he should target today, which people he should talk to, what should he pitch them and how. It will not only take entire company's digital footprint in to account but also study people with great depth. Somebody who can convert your B2B sales process in to H2H ( Human to Human) sales and tell you everything you need to do. All you need to do then is Execute.

With Clodura, Your sales is our Responsibility !!!


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    April 2015 - present

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    Other: Mountain View, California 94040, United States