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Ace Ang

Sales at Ace Awnings

Singapore, Singapore

Employee: Ace Awnings

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Retractable Awning Solutions

We specialise in providing retractable awning installations in Singapore. From home renovations to addition and alterations projects, we offer a full range of awning units best suited for your home. Retractable awnings allow users to maximise their usage of backyard and outdoor space by providing much needed shade. Our glass, metal, and other canopy units have also proven that they can enhance the appeal of your garden and outdoor spaces.

Our awnings and shades are particularly-well suited for our tropical climate as they help keep the heat out during the day. Our fixtures are highly durable, water resistant, therefore requiring little maintenance despite being in the elements.
Shades and Roofing Solutions

If you’re not sure which kind of awnings or shades are best suited to your home or property, feel free to contact us for advice. Our solutions suit a range of budgets and operability you require. For example, our outdoor canopies are budget friendly form of shades that are flexible and can be formed into various shapes with high quality fabric to cater to your design aesthetic. The are most commonly used in commercial properties and shop fronts.

If your goal is to allow daylight while minimising UV rays and heat, polycarbonate roofs and awnings would be your choice. They provide a translucent quality to allow inhabitants to enjoy gently diffused daylight.


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