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Anand Katakwar

CEO at Retail Automata Analytics

Santa Clara, California 95054, United States

Employee: Retail Automata Analytics

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About Me

Retail Automata Analytics Inc is a Big Data Analytics Company. It serves e-commerce businesses with the flagship technology and product suite working on Predictive Analytics, NLP and Machine Learning. The expert use of these technologies has made possible a product suite that provides adamant solutions to online stores.

Our services include the efficient implementation of Onsite Personalization, Omni-Channel Campaigning, Real-time Retargeting and Lifecycle Automation. Our marketing solutions are avidly capable to drive profits with huge improvement in ROI.

Retail Automata Analytics Inc is a Delaware Organization based in US, serving potential online stores globally through our continuous and ever-evolving technological pursuits. Retail Automata Analytics is the leader in providing excellent personalization and campaigning solutions, which are far more productive than any advertising or marketing plans.

Retail Automata is now serving different products to increase sales conversions and ROI for ecommerce businesses are -

1. Augen - Onsite Personalization
2. Prognose - Omni-Channel Campaigning
3. Real-time Retargeting
4. Lifecycle Automation

For more information Visit : https://www.retailreco.com


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    Retail Automata Analytics

    January 2012 - present

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    Other: Santa Clara, California 95054, United States