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Joe Skowronski

Owner at Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc.

Chicago, IL 60651, United States

Employee: Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc.

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Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc. takes ferrous metal recycling seriously. We are committed to accepting all types of metal that contain a meaningful amount of iron but specialize in these two main types: steel and aluminum. Steel is the most recycled material due to its magnetic properties and high recycled value. Steel is also one of the most common materials used for manufacturing because it can be formed into shapes easily while maintaining sufficient strength properties for use in large structures like skyscrapers or bridges! Contact our Chicago non-ferrous metal scrap and recycling office today for more information.
Phone: 773-558-2216
Email: info@greenwaymetalrecycling.com


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    Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc.

    January 2011 - present

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    Other: Chicago, IL 60651, United States